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ZigZag Plus & Chicane with 2x OK Carabiner Bundle

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  • Advanced ZigZag Plus for precise ascent/descent control in tree climbing.
  • Chicane adds crucial friction for safer, controlled single-rope descents.
  • Includes two durable OK Carabiners for optimal equipment positioning.
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Product Overview: Designed for arborists and rope access professionals, the ZigZag Plus & Chicane with 2x OK Carabiner Bundle combines efficiency and safety in a comprehensive climbing package.

Included in this Bundle:

  1. ZigZag Plus Mechanical Prusik: The ZigZag Plus enhances your tree climbing techniques with its advanced mechanical design, offering precise control for both ascent and descent. Its durability and intuitive operation make it a reliable tool for rigorous professional use.
  2. Chicane Auxiliary Brake: The Chicane, an essential accessory for single-rope techniques, adds necessary friction for controlled descents, augmenting the safety and effectiveness of the ZigZag Plus. Its integration is seamless, ensuring an unobstructed climbing experience.
  3. 2x OK Carabiners: This bundle includes two OK Carabiners, essential for the proper positioning of equipment such as pulleys and ascenders. Their symmetrical oval shape is ideal for uniform load distribution, a critical aspect of climbing safety and functionality.

Key Features:

  • Adaptable Climbing System: Suitable for both double-rope and single-rope applications, offering versatility in various climbing conditions.
  • Safety Focused: The ZigZag Plus and Chicane ensure a secure climbing experience, complemented by the reliability of the OK Carabiners.
  • Built for Durability: Manufactured from high-quality materials, each component is designed to endure the demands of professional use.
  • User-Friendly Design: The bundle’s components are engineered for easy setup and operation, even under challenging conditions.

Ideal for: This bundle is specifically tailored for professional arborists, tree care experts, and seasoned climbers who require a reliable, high-performance climbing solution.

The ZigZag Plus & Chicane with 2x OK Carabiner Bundle is the definitive choice for professionals seeking a blend of functionality, safety, and quality in their climbing equipment.