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Why Quality Matters When Buying Chainsaw Pants

Chainsaw Pants

Why Quality Matters When Buying Chainsaw Pants

Did you know that the average chainsaw accident results in 110 stitches? Using a chainsaw is dangerous work. Even with the best training and years of experience, accidents can and do happen. Chainsaw pants provide an important and final layer of protection for arborists as they are working out in the field. 

When it comes to chainsaw trousers, quality matters. A lot. Arborist pants need to do the job of protecting the operator while being versatile enough to not create any additional hazards. This is why it pays to use high-quality chainsaw trousers. What is the difference and what separates the best chainsaw pants from the rest?

Better Quality Material

Chainsaw pants need to be able to take the brunt of the force if there is a connection between the user and their chainsaw. Brands like Arbortec chainsaw trousers use heavy-duty materials that provide better protection for the arborists. 

Innovative and Convenient Features

High-quality pants consider the user experience and adjust when practical or convenient. When testing out new pant designs, chainsaw trousers are worn in the field for weeks and then evaluated upon return. This process leads to cool features like the ruler and spark-plug pocket on the Forest W-Air SIP chainsaw trousers.

Safety-Focused Design

PPE is the last resort when it comes to safety but when there is an incident, your pants better be equipped to do their job. Whether it is introducing 6-layered pants before they were mandated or creating lightweight yet protective materials, buying and using high-quality SIP chainsaw trousers results in better results for arborists who get into accidents at work.


Being an arborist isn’t an easy task. The work is hard and the chainsaw pants that are worn need to be durable. When you choose quality, you will find that your chainsaw trousers last longer and stay together better than lower quality brands.

Research and Development

What makes arborist pants work is the material science that goes into the development of those products. Arbortec chainsaw trousers are developed with the user in mind and are designed to protect and be comfortable to wear. With proper research and development, SIP chainsaw trouser fabrics are tested thoroughly, care procedures are properly explained and you can rest assured that they match any applicable workplace standards.

Quality is Key When Buying Chainsaw Trousers

High-quality chainsaw pants are an investment in safety and personal protection. Working with chainsaws every day provides ample opportunity for accidents to occur and chainsaw trousers reduce the risk of serious injury. The cost of good chainsaw pants is much less than the physical, emotional and financial cost of a serious chainsaw injury. Invest in yourself and your safety with the high-quality chainsaw pants.