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Ultra Ring Sling #3 tREX


Notch Ultra Ring Sling #3 Trex.

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Made with super strong Teufelberger tREX 20 mm (3/4″) Rigging Line. Usable length 274,32 cm (9 ft), total length 304,80 cm (10 ft).

With the hi-vis Teufelberger tREX line, the Ultra Ring Sling has a supple feel, excellent abrasion resistance, and a wax coating to prevent picking. Spliced by the experts at Rope Logic®.

  • MBS 17,100 lbs (75.62 kN) in choked configuration
  • Made with super strong Teufelberger tREX 20 mm (3/4″) Rigging Line
  • Rope Logic Ultra Ring Sling features a #3 Notch Rigging Thimble
  • Tested and designed for use only in choked configuration
  • 274.32 cm (9′) usable length
  • 304,80 cm (10′) total length
  • 10 Pockets of 20.32 cm (8″) each
  • Used as a redirect, great for redirecting into a GRCS, or in the tree

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Weight 2.4 kg