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Tourniquet Holster


Stein Tourniquet Holster

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Stein Tourniquet Holster

The STEIN VAULT TQ tourniquet holster can accommodate most brands of Windlass Style Tourniquets. Designed to attach onto a belt or harness with its Molle/Pals style attachment system.

The VAULT TQ design allows easy access to the tourniquet in seconds, while securely keeping it in place.

  • Hook & Loop fastener
  • Elasticated sides
  • Molle/Pals style attachment system
  • Large D-Ring
  • Securing Press Stud
  • Weight: approximately 50g.

Use of this product

It is not possible to cover every eventuality relating to the use of this equipment. Purchasers and users of these products should seek professional training from a fully qualified and competent instructor prior to use. If you are not able, or not in a position to assume this responsibility, do not use this product. The manufacturer its distributors and retailers do not accept any liability for its improper use.

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