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Thermal Underwear SOLIDUR

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  • Dual-layered fabric for warmth down to -20°C, wicking moisture away for comfort.
  • 30 optimization zones enhance mobility, muscle control, and blood circulation.
  • Antibacterial, hypoallergenic design ensures clean, irritation-free wear outdoors.


Thermal Underwear SOLIDUR: Embrace the Outdoors in Ultimate Warmth

Introducing our Thermal Underwear SOLIDUR, designed to be your trusted companion during outdoor adventures, whether camping, hiking, or exploring the great outdoors. This innovative ensemble features a shirt and pants meticulously crafted to ensure optimum warmth and functionality, ensuring you stay cozy in any weather.

Unmatched Warmth, Uncompromised Performance

Our Thermal Underwear SOLIDUR is engineered with a dual-layer fabric, delivering exceptional insulation even in temperatures as low as -20°C. Emphasizing warmth, breathability, and antibacterial properties, this ensemble is a testament to comfort and functionality.

Innovative Design for Maximum Comfort

Featuring 30 optimization zones strategically placed for enhanced mobility, muscle compression control, and improved blood circulation during physical exertion, our Thermal Underwear SOLIDUR stands out for its comprehensive design. The first layer adeptly wicks away moisture from the skin, while the second layer efficiently disperses it outward, ensuring a dry and comfortable experience.

Your Ideal Companion for Outdoor Excursions

Crafted to withstand demanding outdoor environments, our Thermal Underwear SOLIDUR is not just a layer of protection; it’s a shield against the elements. Its antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties guarantee a clean and irritation-free experience, while its breathability ensures comfort throughout extended wear.

Experience the Difference

Our Thermal Underwear redefines performance in challenging conditions. As you prepare for your next outdoor escapade, we also invite you to discover another remarkable product, our Underwear “Performance”. Upgrade your outdoor experiences further with our carefully curated collection.

Embrace the outdoors with the Thermal Underwear SOLIDUR, ensuring unparalleled warmth and functionality during all your adventures.

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