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Teufelberger Dragonfly rope for tree care | Ø 11.1 mm | 35/45/60 m | 1 slaice

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  • 11.1 mm diameter, lengths of 35/45/60 m, with 1 slaice for versatility.
  • Certified to EN 1891A and ANSI Z133-2012, ensuring top safety standards.
  • Balanced construction, prevents glazing, enhances durability and knotability.
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Teufelberger Dragonfly Rope: Precision Crafted for Arborists

Key Features

Diameter & Length: The Teufelberger Dragonfly rope is meticulously crafted with an 11.1 mm diameter, offering sizes of 35, 45, and 60 meters, along with 1 slaice. Its dimensions make it an ideal choice for a wide range of arborist tasks.

Stability & Construction: This tree climbing rope boasts a balanced structure, ensuring stability during use. Its design keeps the rope firm and round, preventing the glazing effect common in ropes that flatten out with hardware use.

Material Quality & Safety: Adhering to EN 1891A and ANSI Z133-2012 standards, the Dragonfly ensures top-notch safety and reliability. This climbing rope is constructed to withstand demanding tree care environments, guaranteeing durability and long-term performance.

Benefits for Arborists

Ease of Handling: The Dragonfly rope offers exceptional handling, making it easy to work with in various tree care scenarios. Its supple nature allows for excellent knotability and ensures knots hold well, crucial for climbing and rigging tasks.

Reduced Wear & Tear: The unique design of the Dragonfly reduces glazing, extending the life of the rope. This means arborists can rely on this rope for longer periods, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Versatility: Whether it’s for climbing, rigging, or other arborist applications, this rope adapts to various tasks, making it a versatile tool in an arborist’s arsenal.

Why Choose This?

Reliability: The Dragonfly rope’s certification to EN 1891A and ANSI Z133-2012 standards speaks volumes about its reliability. Arborists can trust this product to perform consistently under challenging conditions.

Value for Money: Investing in the Dragonfly rope means investing in quality, safety, and durability. Its longevity and performance make it a cost-effective choice for professional arborists.

Professional Endorsement: Designed with input from tree care professionals, the Dragonfly rope meets the practical needs of arborists. Its user-friendly attributes make it a preferred choice among tree care experts.

In summary, the Teufelberger Dragonfly rope is more than just a climbing rope; it’s a dependable partner for arborists. Its blend of stability, safety, and ease of use makes it an essential tool for anyone in the tree care profession. With the Dragonfly, arborists can confidently tackle their tasks, knowing they have a top-quality rope designed for their specific needs.

Additional information

Weight N/A

11.1 mm


35 m, 45 m, 60 m