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Tango Chainsaw Lanyard | slim


  • Securely fasten your chainsaw with a 70 kg breaking load per ring.
  • Slim, lightweight design with adjustable length (70 cm – 140 cm) for ultimate convenience.
  • Durable polyester construction for long-lasting use in arborist tasks.

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Tango Chainsaw Lanyard | Slim

Introducing the Tango Chainsaw Lanyard | Slim – the arborist’s trusted companion for a safer and more efficient workday among the trees.

Key Features

Durable: Made from sturdy polyester, this lanyard is built to last, ensuring it endures the demands of your daily tasks.
Safety: With a 70 kg breaking load per ring, it securely fastens your chainsaw, providing peace of mind at any height. It’s easily adjustable to your preferred tension.
Design: Its slim and elastic sling, adjustable from 70 cm to 140 cm, lets you move freely while keeping your chainsaw close. At just 72 g and 15 mm wide, it’s lightweight and unobtrusive.
Color: In sleek black, it blends seamlessly with your gear for a professional look.

Benefits for Arborists

  • Enhanced Safety: Prevents accidents by securely holding your chainsaw.
  • Increased Efficiency: Saves time by keeping your chainsaw within easy reach.
  • Customizable Comfort: Adjusts to your preferred tension for a comfortable fit.
  • Lightweight: Won’t hinder your movements.

Why Choose This?

The Tango Chainsaw Lanyard | Slim offers durability, safety, and functionality in a compact package. It’s a cost-effective investment for a safer, more efficient workday. Buy with confidence today!

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