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Systeme 3a

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Systeme 3a Knee Ascender

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Systeme 3a knee ascender

Systeme 3A is the ingenious combination of a footloop and a chest ascender for a very efficient and quick ascent. The glass fiber reinforced rope and the Velcro tape fix the device to the knee. So the chest ascender is pushed upwards only by the leg. When using the SRT it is possible to change from the horizontal working position to the vertical ascent anytime without removing the ascender. Hands-free ascent is also possible. This system was developped by the French tree climber Christophe Capiaux. It is made for the left leg, but also works on the right leg.

• Size S: body height < 175 cm

• Size L: body height > 175 cm

Knee ascender | For SRT and DRT | For ropes Ø 8–13 mm | EN 567 | EN 12841-B

Additional information

Weight 0.285 kg
Dimensions 44 × 7 × 8 cm

S, L