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Tree Climbing Harness for the Pros

Tree Climbing Harness

Tree climbing harness for the pros

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You make a living in trees, inside a tree climbing harness. The work is highly skilled but also dangerous. So, it is logical that keeping safe should be high on your priority list. We recommend you get the best tree climbing harness you can afford.  

The treeMOTION from Teufelberger is specialist equipment and the pick of the pros in the world of tree care. This market-leading top tree climbing harness is all-new with upgrades but still features the usual safety and comfort that Teufelberger is known for.

In addition, customer feedback, constant research, and development based on actual use of the tree climbing saddle have resulted in recent, unique improvements to the treeMOTION line.

Here are the new features of the treeMOTION Pro, your specialist tree climbing saddle

The treeMOTION Pro has new side and bridge rings. The Pro has 2x 3 gear brackets and 2 x 1 gear brackets on the downside of the harness. A red elastic band holds it all in place.

New adjustment Cobra quick-release buckles on the waist and legs with individual gear loops and protection against sawdust. The clips are adjustable at the waist.

A hip bumper and new hip leg elastics. The bumpers diminish the harmful effects of potential shocks and will ensure that the tree climbing harness does not scratch the arborist. Four small red textile loops at the waist can be used for attaching chest suspenders with snap rings.

New forward D-rings with double bridge option. The treeMOTION tree climbing saddle comes with a single 123cm bridge included. However, you can add a second bridge of 100cm, 123cm, or 180cm if you?d like. (The knotted bridges of the treeMOTION S. Light, USCA, and Evo are also compatible with the new Pro.) It is quick and easy to switch between bridges, and the multiple options have approved bridge attachment hardware. The D-sliding rings were developed with your comfort in mind.

New padding to reduce pressure points due to multi-layer webbing layout. The treeMOTION Pro also has more comfortable leg loops.

The treeMOTION Pro tree climbing harness can now handle a workload of 150kg/330lbs, whereas previous versions could only do 120kg/260lbs.

The harness no longer has an aluminum ring on the back. Interviewing treeMOTION users revealed that they primarily used the ring to attach the chainsaw lanyard, but it did not work well as it pulled too heavily on the arborist. Therefore, Teufelberger replaced the aluminum ring with a red textile loop positioned at a 90 degree angle to the harness and could support 30kg. (You can also use a black Teufelberger openable ring in the place of the red loop.)

Varför välja våra klätterselar?

The treeMOTION Arborist Harness is one of the most versatile tree harnesses on the market today. It is highly comfortable, lightweight, and has an ergonomic design. It comes in three sizes. All materials used are high-quality and made from plastic and cloth for ultimate strength and resilience. To pick your correct size, use your typical jeans waist size, and remember to allow adjustments for seasonal clothing.

The unique construction of the treeMOTION Pro allows you to customize the arborist harness to your liking. From the position of the gear loops to the hang of the leg loops, it?s your choice of how it all comes together. After all, it is you in that tree, all alone. So, adapt the harness to your climbing style.

Replaceable components: The newly designed back padding can be replaced with signs of wear, as can the rope bridges, hip-leg connection, leg loops, padding, and gear loops. The climbing harness is an investment because of this feature and should last you ten years or more. The components are also washable. (Please note that the accessories of the old versions of the treeMOTION will remain compatible with the newer versions.)

Wide flexible grooves in the padding. The back padding is entirely new and is not compatible with older versions. The padding allows heat to disperse, and it rests snugly against the arborists body. The central part of the back padding was explicitly designed to provide additional support to the back.

Very comfortable: The load distribution across the comfortable thick padded harness allows you to move naturally as you work. It gives arborists extra comfort for a wide range of movement and work-positioning convenience. The wide-leg pads provide excellent support when suspended and will breathe well. Enhance your treeMOTION Pro with a suitable shoulder strap.

Suitable for female climbers. Field tests have shown that the new treeMOTION Pro is much more comfortable for female tree climbers than other versions. The hip and back areas that were the most problematic for women in the past were reworked for a softer, more comfortable fit.

The all-new arborist harness has a lifetime of approximately 10 years. An investment in this product above other tree harnesses is much more reasonable, because if you divide your spent in years, you get so much more! (Other tree harnesses are usually only good for about 5 years.) Of course, the comfort and high-level performance also justify the price.

Please note that the treeMOTION S. Light, USCA, and Evo won?t be manufactured by Teufelberger anymore, but spare parts will still be available until 2030.  

The treeMOTION Pro is EN813:2008, EN358:2018 ANSI Z133-2017 certified for arboricultural operations.