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Courant Stileo Wire Core Lanyard Without Hardware | EN358 | Ø 12 mm

68.80 72.40 

  • 12mm diameter, 6mm stainless, adjustable wire core: Made from high-quality material, this lanyard is built to withstand the task of tree removal with unwavering strength, and the core provides remarkable flexibility.
  • 16-strand polyester sheath: The sturdy yet comfortable sheath ensures easy access to tools and protects them from impact or damage. It won’t strain your body or irritate your skin during extended use.
  • Reversible direction of use: It ensures even wear; reducing discomfort or pressure points. The weight of the tools can be evenly distributed according to your ease of use.
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Stileo Wire Core Lanyard Without Hardware is a “super-tool” specifically made for tree removal operations to maximize your efficiency and ensure safety while you are working in arboriculture. It excels in functionality, and rugged durability, and is on top of the game for safety. The lanyard design is not only functional but also provides a comfortable experience. The easy adjustability and option to choose lengths cater to your preferred needs.

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