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Solidur ClimbCut Arborist Chainsaw Trousers


  • Slim fit, stretch Cordura┬« fabric for unparalleled comfort and mobility.
  • Four-layer protection with knee, shin, calf reinforcement for enhanced safety.
  • Teflon┬« treated for dirt and water repellency, ensuring durability and cleanliness.
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Solidur ClimbCut Chainsaw Trousers: A Cut Above in Arborist Safety and Comfort

Unmatched Comfort for the Climbing Arborist

The Solidur ClimbCut Chainsaw Trousers redefine workwear for professional arborists, blending unparalleled comfort with superior safety. Designed with a slim fit in stretch Cordura® fabric, these trousers ensure freedom of movement without compromising on protection. The unique combination of a wraparound bib back and perforated fabric behind the knee offers breathability and support, ensuring comfort throughout the day. The added convenience of body fabric pocket bottoms and five strategically placed pockets means essential tools are always within reach.

Safety that Stands Tall

In the demanding field of arborist tree climbing equipment, safety is paramount. The ClimbCut trousers offer peace of mind with four layers of cutting-edge protection and additional reinforcement at the knee, shin, and calf made from a robust blend of Cordura┬«, Kevlar┬«, and Spandex┬«. This protective ensemble is designed to meet the rigorous standards of EN ISO 11393-2:2019 Class 1 (20M/S) and North American standards ASTM F-1897 and ASTM F3325-19 Class D, ensuring you’re well-equipped to tackle any challenge safely.

Engineered for the Elements

The Solidur ClimbCut Chainsaw Trousers are not only about comfort and safety but also about enduring performance in the face of outdoor elements. Treated with Teflon® for dirt and water repellency, these trousers are built to keep you dry and clean, no matter the weather conditions or the job at hand. The meticulous design, including trouser bottom hooks with removable gaiters, ensures a snug fit that keeps debris out, allowing you to focus on the task without distractions.

Functional Design for Professional Needs

Understanding the dynamic needs of professional arborists, these trousers are crafted for functionality. With four YKK zipped front pockets and one YKK zipped rear pocket, your essentials are secure yet accessible. The slim fit design does not just enhance mobility but also integrates seamlessly with your gear, making every climb efficient and every movement precise.

Care and Durability

The durability of the Solidur ClimbCut Chainsaw Trousers is matched by their ease of care. Recommended washing at 40┬░C and air drying ensures these trousers are ready for your next climb, maintaining their protective qualities and comfort without the need for ironing. This practical approach to care extends the life of your gear, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.

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