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Solidur Climb Jacket with Removable Sleeves


  • Durable Ripstop polyester construction for lasting performance in challenging arborist environments.
  • Improved safety with retroreflective edging and water-repellent treatment for comfort.
  • Versatile design: removable sleeves, multiple pockets, and adjustable fit for all-day ease.
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The Solidur Climb Jacket: A Must-Have in Arborist Jackets

Meet the Solidur Climb Jacket, an essential piece of gear for arborists. If you’re searching for the perfect tree surgeon gear to accompany you during your demanding tree surgeon workdays, this is the one you’ve been searching for.

Key Features

Built to Endure: Crafted from water-repellent treated Ripstop polyester and reinforced with Armortex® on the shoulders, this jacket can handle the challenges of tree surgery.

Safety First: The Solidur Climb Jacket improves your visibility with retroreflective edging, making you easily noticeable even in low-light conditions. Plus, its Teflon® anti-dirt and water-repellent treatment keeps you dry and comfortable throughout your day.

Smart and Functional: It features an extended back with a bumper to provide extra protection while you work. With six pockets, including a convenient phone pocket and a double access back pocket for storing your sleeves, you’ll have all the storage you require. The hook-and-loop wrist adjustment and rubber tab ensure a snug fit, so you can focus on your tasks without distractions.

Benefits for Arborists

Day-Long Comfort: The Solidur Climb Jacket prioritizes your comfort during those long workdays. Its extended back and comfortable fit keep you at ease, and the multiple pockets offer convenient storage for your essential tools.

Unmatched Versatility: The removable sleeves make adapting to changing weather a breeze. Need quick access to your phone or tools? The dedicated phone pocket and numerous other pockets have got you covered.

Why Choose This Jacket?

When investing in jackets, you need reliability and value for your money. The Solidur Climb Jacket offers both in spades. It’s a rugged, dependable companion that prioritizes your safety and comfort. Its versatility means you won’t need multiple jackets for different conditions.

In conclusion, the Solidur Climb Jacket is the top choice for arborists who demand the best. Its durability, safety features, and intelligent design make it the standout product in the world of tree surgeon jackets. Don’t wait any longer—get yours today and elevate your tree-climbing experience with the Solidur Climb Jacket.

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Prepare for any weather and work condition with the Solidur Climb Jacket with Removable Sleeves. This versatile jacket adapts to your needs, providing excellent protection with the option to remove sleeves for increased comfort and mobility. It’s an ideal choice for arborists who face changing climates and need reliable gear that can adjust on the fly.

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