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SnakeAnchor | pink

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  • Certified EN 795 B, versatile as both upper and lower anchor point.
  • Gradual length adjustment, high abrasion resistance, and load distribution efficiency.
  • Lightweight design, with 5-year service life and a 20 kN breaking load.


SnakeAnchor Pink: Essential Arborist Equipment

The SnakeAnchor | pink emerges as an essential tool in the specialized field of arboriculture. This limited edition anchor is not merely a component of tree climbing gear but a distinctive statement of functionality in a vibrant pink hue.

Versatility in Tree Care

The SnakeAnchor pink is crafted with precision, featuring a 16 mm wide, parallel-sewn polyester rope. Segment seams allow for gradual length adjustments, making it an adaptable Friction Saver as well as an anchor. These seams also enhance safety, designed to tear under excessive force, reducing the impact of falls.

Advanced Construction for Optimal Performance

Certified to EN 795 B, the SnakeAnchor incorporates TunnelRings made from robust Konstruktal-Aluminium, ensuring it can be reliably used as either an upper or lower anchor point. With stepwise length adjustments tailored to the arborist’s needs, the SnakeAnchor Pink is as efficient as it is resilient.

With its dual functionality as a Friction Saver and anchor, it is suited for a variety of climbing scenarios. Its durability is evident in its abrasion resistance and the ART TunnelRing principle, which extends the life of the rope eye while evenly distributing load.

The design also ensures a static load capacity up to 4 kN with the innovative segment seams, doubling as shock absorbers at loads approximately 5 kN and above. Even with these robust features, the SnakeAnchor remains lightweight at 350 g for the 250 cm model and 660 g for the 500 cm version, facilitating easy transport and deployment.

Professionals seeking a reliable, adaptable, and safety-oriented addition to their tree climbing gear will find the SnakeAnchor pink an invaluable asset. While the SnakeAnchor stands on its own merits, we also offer an array of arborist equipment, such as the Whoopie Saver, to cater to all your professional needs.

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