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Skyshot Pro


  • Precision-Manufactured: Utilizes laser-cut CORDURA Fabric, preventing internal fraying.
  • Aerodynamic Design: Enhances throw distance and navigates through dense canopies.
  • Versatile Application: Features both a Nickel Plated ‘D’ ring and webbing loop
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Exceptional Precision in Arborist Applications

Skyshot Pro throw weights emerge as a pivotal resource for professionals in the arboriculture field, embodying meticulous design and construction.

Specifically manufactured to enhance the precision and efficiency of your tree climbing gear, the STEIN SKYSHOT PRO showcases next-generation throw weight design with undeniable expertise and thoughtfulness in every feature.

Constructed for Accuracy and Durability

Manufactured using precision laser-cut CORDURA Fabric, the Skyshot Pro throw weights prevent internal fraying during use by heat sealing every cut edge.

The reliability of dual-stitched seams and an ‘X’ stitch closure system ensures longevity, while the utilization of two colors of CORDURA Material for each weight guarantees easy identification and a nod to meticulous manufacturing.

Notably, Skyshot Pro throw weights have an aerodynamic design aimed to amplify your throw distance and proficiently navigate through lush tree canopies. Coupled with a Nickel Plated ‘D’ ring and a webbing loop, the SKYSHOT PRO ensures easy attachment of the throw line and the capability to connect two weights, thus, enhancing versatility in every throw.

Ensuring varied applicability, each weight is marked in both grams and ounces and is crafted to navigate the demands of your professional tree climbing gear with a weight variance of +/- 5%. Encased in a rubber bag, the internal ballast is securely positioned, making it a prime example of strategic design amalgamated with practical innovation.

In a field where every ounce and gram can dictate the ease of a throw, the Skyshot Pro throw weights carve out a place as a trustworthy ally in arborist ventures. While navigating through our catalog, we also invite you to consider the Big Shot for a broader selection of quality arborist equipment.

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