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  • Dual Functionality: Features 2 double access pockets for easy reach during climbs and a M.O.L.L.E type band above the knees for efficient rope guidance during SRT climbs.
  • Enhanced Durability: Crafted from nylon 6.6 180gr/m² with an anti-dirt, water-repellent Teflon™ Shield+ treatment, and reinforced with Armortex® kevlar® 170gr/m² for added strength.
  • Optimal Safety: Incorporates knee, shin, and calf reinforcements, coupled with a secure fixing hook and elastic tightening at the pant bottom.
  • User Comfort: Designed with 100% stretch fabric, a YKK zipper, and a rear ventilation zip for ultimate wearability during strenuous activities.
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Sherman Pants: A Fusion of Functionality & Durability

Designed for Excellence in Climbing Work Sherman, in collaboration with Solidur, presents a paradigm in tree climbing gear. This isn’t just another pair of pants; it’s a promise. Sherman pants are specifically crafted for those who undertake the challenges of climbing work, understanding the nuances that make the difference between ordinary and exceptional.

Tailored for The Modern Arborist What truly sets the Sherman pants apart? For starters, it’s the 2 double access pockets. Whether you’re mid-climb or feet planted firmly on the ground, these pockets ensure that your essentials remain within an arm’s reach. The integrated M.O.L.L.E type band just above the knees simplifies rope guidance during SRT climbs, making your ascent both smoother and safer.

Safety isn’t a mere afterthought; it’s embedded in the design. With the inclusion of reinforcement across the knees, shins, and calves, the Sherman pants act as a shield. To top it off, a special hook at the bottom accompanied by elastic tightening ensures your pants stay snug and secure.

Commitment to Quality Constructed from nylon 6.6 180gr/m², the fabric gets its durability and resilience from an anti-dirt and water-repellent Teflon™ Shield+ treatment. This dedication to quality is further emphasized with the inclusion of Armortex® kevlar® 170gr/m² reinforcements, ensuring that your pants not only withstand the rigors of tree climbing but also the test of time.

Features such as the YKK zipper, rear ventilation zip, and body fabric pocket bottom are testaments to the meticulous attention to detail that has gone into creating this masterpiece.

Care Instructions & Standards To keep the Sherman pants in pristine condition, it is recommended to wash them at 40°C and let them dry in the open air. Steer clear of the iron to maintain their shape and integrity. Rest assured, the Sherman pants come with an internationally registered model number DM/215517, a testament to its global recognition and standard.

As you invest in the Sherman for your climbing needs, consider complementing it with another product from our collection. Do take a moment to check out the Climbing Trousers for a holistic climbing gear experience.

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