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RopeGuide | Link

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RopeGuide | Link | cambium saver

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RopeGuide | Link | cambium saver

The patented cambium saver concept from ART is called RopeGuide. The name speaks for itself, since smooth rope guidance and exceptional care of the cambium go hand in hand with this design. The new RopeGuide 2010 combines the best features of its predecessors with the exciting results of the latest advancements: though extremely lightweight, it can handle even heavier loads and is exceptionally safe.

The Ring. At roughly 50 percent of the weight of a fully round profile ring, it achieves comparable stability and  even better safety at the same time.

The trick and the solution are typical ART: a Tunnel ring instead of a solid ring. The rope is protected inside the ring. Unbelievable but true: in this way, the rope increases the breaking strength of the ring, and vice versa. A clever symbiosis Less weight, higher breaking strength, and double the safety, since the runner to the redirection pulley also hangs in the ring as well as in the rope loop!

Contact surface of the cambium saver. Not a rope and not a belt, but 8 mm of parallel sewn double rope! This combines the advantages of both rope and belt: high abrasion-resistance, wide contact surface and high degree of tensile strength, thanks to a tunnel ring.

The Fender. There is a small “fender” attached behind the tunnel ring. It ensures that the ring straightens up when the rope is pulled out of a crutch, making it easier to slide through narrower crutches

The rigging pulley Cocoon 4 also ensures smooth, safe rope operation and the Zip-Absorber 1 is a built-in “airbag” for safety.

Overview of ROPEGUIDE 2010 properties

  • integrated Zip Absorber 1
  • infinitely adjustable length
  • can be combined with DoubleSnapper 3
  • slight “lifting” of the pulley when climbing rope is  inserted
  • optimised “choking” function due to spring-loaded rope grab
  • automatic blocking of the adjustment mechanism without slippage
  • minimum shifting of the adjustment mechanism even with heavy loads
  • highest degree of safety and load capacity due to the tunnel ring and rope combination
  • optimised sliding of the ring out of the tree crutch via the integrated fender
  • optimised releasing of the adjustment mechanism when pulled, due to the effect of the release lever
  • wide, abrasion-resistant cambium saver with lower tendency to kink due to parallel stitched 8 mm polyamide rope

The service life of the metal parts of the ROPEGUIDE 2010 is 10 years!

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