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Rope Clamp CRIC


  • Versatile pulley with four modes for climbing, lifting, and rescue.
  • Compact design reduces material, time, and space needed for maneuvers.
  • Robust steel cam ensures secure locking and minimizes rope wear.

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Rope Clamp CRIC: Your Multifunctional Outdoor Tool

The Rope Clamp CRIC is your go-to gear for various outdoor adventures. Tailored for camping, mountaineering, and rescue situations, this compact and versatile tool integrates a pulley, offering functionality across four distinct modes, making it an essential companion for outdoor enthusiasts.

Versatile Functionality for Outdoor Exploration

Experience its range of capabilities:

  • Ascender Mode: Smoothly ascend ropes while meeting safety standards.
  • Pulley Mode: Efficient load transfer system for outdoor tasks.
  • Rope Clamp/Pulley Mode: Redirection and lifting assistance with its integrated ball-bearing sheave.
  • Progress-Capture Hauling Pulley Mode: Swiftly handle direct load lifting and rescue operations.

Practical Design for Outdoor Performance

Compact and powerful, this tool simplifies rope maneuvers, minimizing time, materials, and space needed for outdoor activities. The sturdy steel cam minimizes rope wear and ensures secure locking, guaranteeing safety across diverse outdoor conditions.

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