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Rigging Ring

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Treehog Rigging Ring

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Treehog Rigging Ring

Made from solid aluminium | abrasion resistant finish | available in 4 sizes

Introducing friction at the top of a rigging system is becoming more popular, and the Treehog THRR rigging rings are ideal for this purpose.

Made from solid CNC aluminium and chemically finished with a black abrasion resistant coating, the rigging rings can be spliced into a slings by the user.

By being spliced into a rope, they can be used in many of different configurations, one of the main ones being to create alternative to the standard rigging block.

By adding more rings into your rigging system, (as redirects on separate slings, or by using multiple rings in one sling) you can introduce more friction into your system.

There are no mechanical parts to maintain, the rings are very simple to inspect for safety purposes and come in 4 different sizes (see below).

The smaller THRR rigging rings can even be spliced into retrievable friction savers or other anchor point slings.

Size A: Outside Diameter [mm] B: Inside Diameter [mm] C: Rope Bend Diameter [mm] D: Groove Size [mm]
S 40 20 25 12
M 46 20 60 14
L 54 20 36 16
XL 70 28 46 26

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