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ProtosĀ® Safety Glasses


Experience superior defense with ProtosĀ® Safety Glasses. Perfect for arborists, these glasses shield against dust, fluid splashes, and cold. Available in clear, yellow, amber, or grey lenses for varied conditions. Enhance your safety today!

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Introduce top-notch protection to your gear with ProtosĀ® Safety Glasses for ProtosĀ® Integral Tree Care. Specifically engineered to safeguard your eyes, these glasses are an essential component for arborists, brush cutters, and installation workers.

ProtosĀ® Safety Glasses deliver optimal defense against small particles such as sawdust, sand, and both coarse and fine dust. They also shield against fluid and cold splashes, ensuring your eyes are safe from potential hazards.

Their design seamlessly allows you to pivot the glasses into and out of position without adjusting tilt or length, providing effortless usability. Additionally, these glasses prevent the formation of an acoustic bridge in the earmuff cushion, thanks to their unique assembly mechanism that connects the arms to the helmet’s interior fittings.

ProtosĀ® Safety Glasses meet the EN 166 standard for personal eye protection, underlining their superior safety performance. Choose from clear, yellow, amber, or grey lenses, all featuring an anti-fog property, with different light transmittance levels suitable for varied working conditions.

The clear lens, offering 91% light transmittance and UV protective filter according to EN 170, is ideal for tasks requiring color accuracy. Yellow and amber lenses provide sun protective filtering according to EN 172, offering 85% and 75% light transmittance respectively, suitable for low light conditions. The grey mirror lens, ideal for sunny conditions, allows 13% light transmittance.

Equip yourself with the exceptional ProtosĀ® Safety Glasses. Your eyes deserve the best protection. Enhance your safety equipment today.

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