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ProtosĀ® Integral | Tribal


The ProtosĀ® Integral | Tribal helmet combines unique tribal aesthetics with top-tier safety for forestry and tree care professionals. With integrated hearing protection, an adjustable ventilation flap, and optional chinstrap, it offers comfort and protection. Designed for head circumferences from 55 to 62 cm, it’s safety with a tribal touch.

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Join the arborist tribe with the ProtosĀ® Integral | Tribal, a unique helmet featuring the exclusive Tribal adhesive from Freeworker, completed with a matching Tribal visor. This helmet combines tribal aesthetics with top-tier safety features.

The ProtosĀ® Integral | Tribal is designed to accommodate almost any head shape, making it a versatile choice for forestry workers, tree climbers, and ground crew in tree care. It provides comprehensive protection with integrated hearing protection and a visor.

The helmet’s ear protection includes soft, shape-fitting ear capsules that guard against loud noises. These capsules are easily replaceable, contributing to the helmet’s durability.

The helmet is built for comfort with an easily adjustable ventilation flap to keep you cool during demanding tasks. For added safety, the helmet offers an optional chinstrap that complies with EN 12492 and EN 352-3 safety standards, giving you an extra layer of security.

With an adjustable fit for head circumferences from 55 to 62 cm, the ProtosĀ® Integral ā€“ Tribal offers a secure and comfortable fit for a wide range of users. Immerse yourself in the arborist tribe while prioritizing safety with this unique helmet.

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