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ESTONIA: Usually 2–3 days (if in stock), LATVIA: Usually 3–4 days (if in stock), LITHUANIA: Usually 3–4 days (if in stock), FINLAND: Usually 3–5 days (if in stock), GERMANY: Usually 6–8 days (if in stock)


Multifunctional, self-blocking rope control device for the running double rope. The running rope is directly in front of the climber so it is possible to pull and feed the rope very comfortable with one hand or hand over hand into the device. Turning it in the releasing position and pressing the thumb brake needs very little force. So speed regulation is very easy. This smoother handling allows for more convenience and safer feeling when using the speed control. The SpiderJack 3 has a secured locking position function. This gives a maximum of safety when working. The frame is made of high quality stainless steel, so the danger of failure is very low even under high stress.

The integrated swivel allows to turn and use the device always in the optimum direction. There is a pulley under the body. So the pull force from a deflected rope is smoothly absorbed in the device instead in the hand of the climber. It is not possible to place the cam erroneously in the wrong direction. The big replaceable wearing pin inside the rope channel allows for working with the device for many years.


SpiderJack 3 features:

  • certified according to EN 358
  • multifunctional device for ascending and descending with the running double rope
  • for left and right handers
  • using with a second person for rescue is allowed
  • three clutches (A, B and C): for ropes with Ø 11 to 14 mm
  • frame made of high quality stainless steel
  • tested with: 15 kN/3 min
  • breaking strength: ca. 22 kN
  • working load: 200 kg
  • service life: 10 years
  • weight: 511 g

Clutch A – recommended ropes:

  • Cousin Atrax (Ø 11,6 mm)
  • FTC Argiope (Ø 11,7 mm)
  • Liros Safe Vision (Ø 11,8 mm)
  • Samson Velocity Cool & Hot (Ø 11,0 mm)
  • Teufelberger Tachyon Green & Orange (Ø 11,0 mm)
  • Yale Blaze (Ø 11,0 mm)

Clutch B – recommended ropes:

  • FTC Argiope (Ø 11,7 mm)
  • Gleistein Black & Red Lizard, Golden Viper (Ø 11,5 mm)
  • Liros Safe Vision (Ø 12,8 mm)
  • Tango Vision Flash & Fox (Ø 12,8 mm)
  • Teufelberger Tachyon Green & Orange (Ø 11,0 mm)
  • Yale Poison Calamine, HiVy & Ivy (Ø 11,7 mm)
  • Yale Imori (Ø 12,0 mm)

Clutch C – recommended ropes:

  • Edelrid Direction Up (Ø 13,0 mm)
  • Tango Vision Flash & Fox (Ø 12,8 mm)
  • Tango Ergo Brazil & Pink (Ø 13,5 mm)

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