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Tachyon ASH 11.5mm 45m

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45 m

The Tachyon from TEUFELBERGER is one of the most successful climbing ropes among the 24-strand ropes. Tachyon is provided with a firm yet flexible construction. It consists of a polyester cover which significantly improves friction hitch performance without “bagginess”. The core consists of a polyamide inner core. This inner core construction keeps the diameter consistent, even in the loaded state. The rope diameter of 11.1 mm is ideal for tree care operations. It ensures a better grip, thus reducing hand fatigue. Tachyon is certified to EN 1891A as well as ANSI Z133-2012. It works perfectly in combination with standard hardware designed for use with 11 mm ropes.
  • Tachyon excels due to:
  • Low stretch at low loads for less bounce while climbing
  • High stretch at high loads thus minimizing the shock effect in the event of a fall
  • Consistent diameter while climbing thus ensuring an improved grip
  • Great ease of splicing

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  • Bright orange design for easy visibility
  • Ideal for traditional climbing systems
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