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Tango VISION fox Climbing Rope

The 24-strand double braided Tango VISION rope with a diameter of 12.8 mm is very good to grip, offers optimal grip even when wet and is also very abrasion-resistant. Despite the diameter, the rope is over 10 g per meter lighter than a 12.3 mm 16-strand rope and also significantly lighter than other ropes of the same type. With less than 2.2%, it also has a low elongation and is very easy to knot. Here as a ready-made variant, including a certified splice.

technical data / characteristics:

– core: Polyamid

– sheat: Polyester

– 24-strand double braid, thermo-fixing

– breaking load > 36 kN

– elongation < 2,2 %

– rope-Ø: 12,8 mm

– certification: EN 1891 A

– weight: 104 g/m

Weight N/A

1 splice, 2 splices


12.8 mm


40 m, 50 m




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