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antiSHOCK Tool Lanyard

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The antiSHOCK Tool Lanyard is an innovation for arborists developed by TEUFELBERGER. It is a versatile lanyard for various tree care tools.

What makes this lanyard for tools so special is how it absorbs forces. In the event that more than 220 – 240 daN act on the lanyard – for example, if your saw gets stuck in a branch you are trying to cut off – the tear webbing will be activated. This reduces the force that acts on the harness, the fall protection system, and the anchor point of the climber to 150 - 180 daN. Thus, our antiSHOCK Tool Lanyard helps prevent injuries.

Functionality of the tear webbing:

The webbing is torn open until the impact force has been absorbed. If the saw does not come unstuck again, for example, the webbing will tear open completely after 70 cm, and the tool will drop to the ground. Due to a special pretreatment of the yarns, the elastic webbing is exceptionally abrasion resistant.

PPE certification:

Our system for identifying PPE certified products is as follows:

  • Green identifies a PPE product
  • Red means that a product has not been certified for PPE use.

The antiSHOCK Tool Lanyard is available with a carabiner, with a ring, or without any hardware.

Downloads Varieties & Specifications
Length [cm] Length stretched [cm] Response force [daN] Response force [lbf] Tear-open force [daN] Tear-open force [lbf]
73 135 220 - 240 490 - 540 150 - 180 340-400

The antiSHOCK Tool Lanyard offers four attachment options:

Variant A

A. 1

A. 2

A. 3

Variante B

Variante C

Variante D

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