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Petzl ZigZag Mechanical Prusik for ropes Ø 11.5-13 mm


  • Sturdy material: made with aluminum, nylon and steel, the tool withstands any strain.
  • Easy to use: automatic locking mechanism on the device once the friction chain extends.
  • Versatile: users can choose to use the tool with either single rope or double rope and can pair with other available devices.

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Petzl ZigZag encompasses a classic prusik pulley system

A device designed to allow users to move around the trees efficiently and prevent them from falling from height. Petzl ZigZag is made with an intuitive mechanism making it easy to operate.

The friction chain provides precise movements which enables arborists to optimize tree care. Mounting of the pulley on sealed ball bearings allows slack to be taken up easily.

Made with a durable steel construction, the tool can withstand a whopping 140 kilograms of weight. Therefore, it is resilient during challenging tasks in trees.

The bright yellow color makes it easy to locate and prevents it from getting lost.

The device is equipped with an auxiliary attachment hole. This enables users to connect a second system or a ZILLION lanyard.

Rope compatibility from 11.5 to 13 mm diameter

The release lever allows the user great control over their movement. It makes rope feed precise and smooth.

The prusik is highly versatile thanks to Petzl CHICANE accessory. It provides more friction on the descent, so it can be used on either single rope or double rope.

The independence for users to choose from compatible products such as Petzl OK Oval Carabiner and Petzl FLOW Tree Care Rope makes the tool an all-rounder!

A fixed lower attachment hole

The device has a fixed lower attachment hole. It optimizes grip and ensures alignment of the device with the user’s axis.

Petzl ZigZag‘s flexible positioning ring facilitates keeping the connector oriented along the axis.

Safety is the foremost requirement when it comes to working in the trees! The product meets all the requirements of Regulation- EU 2016/425 on personal protective equipment. Moreover, it allows the user to operate in compliance with ANSI Z133 standards.

Comes with a guarantee of 3 years. Can be used for lifespan.

Check out a similar mechanical friction device, our Petzl ZigZag Plus, a mechanical prusik for ropes with a high-efficiency swivel.

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