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Petzl OK Oval Carabiner

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  • Secure locking mechanism: The tool comes with a Triact lock, an automatic locking with triple action gate opening.
  • Light-weight: The product is made of aluminum which despite its light-weight, is strong enough for arborist applications.
  • Efficient design: The compact oval shape allows optimal device loading.
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Lightweight oval carabiner

Made of aluminum, the Petzl OK is lighter than steel but is still strong enough for arborist applications. The compact and minimalist oval shape of the device allows optimal device loading with a wide cross-section. Devices such as pulleys, rope clamps, and mobile fall arresters can be attached to it. The light weight minimizes the bulk and overall mass of the equipment the users have to carry. Suitable for extended climbing usage at heights without tiring out the workers.

Secure lock mechanism

The keylock system and fluidity of OK carabiner facilitate handling and keeping weight down. The tool comes with a secure lock mechanism.

TRIACT-LOCK: this has a triple-action gate opening with automatic locking. (Major axis strength: 25 kN)

The auto-locking feature ensures that the device cannot be mistakenly opened. This limits the risk of possible accidents. Moreover, the lock is perfect for challenging environments as it makes the device easy to be used single-handedly. The open gate strength is 7kN.


Industry standards of strength and safety are not compromised despite its lightweight and compact design. H cross-section ensures that the strength/weight ratio is optimal. Moreover, it also protects markings on the device from abrasion.

The axis strength enables connecting to the CAPTIV bar to favor the positioning of the carabiner. This reduces the risk of the petzl OK oval connector flipping, and it keeps the device integrated.

Easy to handle

The rotation of the Petzl OK carabiner is facilitated by the fluid interior design of the device. Any accidental or involuntary snagging of the device is avoided thanks to its keylock system. The compact design allows the workers to carry it easily with rest of the gear.


Petzl OK Oval Carabiner can be compatible with multiple elements in system to provide good functional interaction. It can be used with PetzlZigZag, Petzl ZigZag plus, Petzl Chicane, and Petzl Flow tree care rope.


Ensure that the equipment that is used with your connector meets current standards for work in your country. Your safety depends upon the product’s integrity. Get the device inspected once every 12 months by a competent person. Make sure that the tool is always loaded on the major axis. Verify that the keylock hole is not plugged or blocked.

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