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Petzl Flow tree care low stretch kernmantel rope | ร˜ 11.6 mm | 35/45/60 m | 1 splice | ๐ŸŸข & ๐ŸŸ 

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  • Patented splice design, 11.6 mm diameter, enhances rope glide and handling.
  • Low stretch, 100% polyester, EverFlex technology for consistent performance.
  • Complies with CE EN 1891, ANSI Z133, UKCA; available in 35/45/60 m lengths.
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Petzl Flow Tree Care Low Stretch Kernmantel Rope

Welcome to the world of tree climbing stuff! We’re excited to introduce the Petzl Flow tree care low stretch kernmantel rope, a top-tier choice for arborists who value high-quality gear. This rope is a must-have addition to any tree climbing store, blending durability, functionality, and safety.

Key Features

Optimized Design for Arborists: The Petzl Flow rope, at 11.6 mm in diameter, features a patented splice at one end. This design enhances the rope’s glide through devices like friction savers or pulleys, and through tree branches. The small size of the splice is ideal for the ZIGZAG and ZIGZAG PLUS mechanical Prusiks.

Low Stretch, High Efficiency: Under load, the rope’s low stretch property significantly boosts your efficiency in tree navigation. This feature is crucial for precise positioning and stable anchorage.

Flexibility and Lightweight: Despite its strength, the rope remains flexible and light, thanks to its small diameter. This ensures ease of handling and reduces fatigue during extended use.

Benefits for Arborists

Consistent Performance: Made from 100% polyester with a double weave and EverFlex technology, this rope maintains excellent handling and optimal functioning in various conditions, including water, dust, or mud.

Color Variants for Easy Identification: Choose between green and orange ropes for easy identification of different working ropes.

Variety in Lengths: Available in standard lengths of 35, 45, and 60 meters, catering to diverse tree care needs.

Why Choose This?

Certified Safety: The rope meets CE EN 1891 type A, ANSI Z133, and UKCA standards, ensuring your safety is never compromised.

Technical Specifications: Weighing 102 g per meter with a strength of 15 kN and an impact force of 5.2 kN, itโ€™s designed for reliability. The static elongation is 2.8%.

Value for Money: This rope is an investment in quality and longevity, ensuring you get the most out of your purchase.

In summary, the Petzl Flow tree care low stretch kernmantel rope is an excellent choice for both experienced and new arborists. Its innovative design, safety features, and enduring performance make it a smart buy for anyone looking for quality tree climbing ropes. Get ready to climb with confidence and efficiency!

Additional information

Weight N/A

Green, Orange


35 m, 45 m, 60 m


11.6 mm