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Petzl Flow tree care rope | Ø 11.6 mm | 35/45/60 m | 1 splice

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  • Low stretch: This ensures that the rope has minimal elongation while handling load. Making it rigid and easy to retain knots.
  • Flexible: Made with EverFlex technology and a small diameter of 11.6mm, the rope is highly flexible.
  • Optimal glide: Small sized splice helps to glide through various devices and also around trees.
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A low stretch kernmantel rope

Petzl flow rope is a great tool for tree care. The low stretch feature ensures that it has minimal elongation while handling load. During tree climbing where low stretch is desirable, the rope remains tight and rigid.

The climbing rope enables precision and efficiency during tree care.

Furthermore, the feature provides knot stability. This means the knots will remain tight and tied and will prevent slipping.


The rope is equipped with EverFlex technology. This guarantees great flexibility for tree climbing. Moreover, the technology enables the rope to withstand any provided environmental conditions. The flexibility of the product ensures easy handling. This minimizes hand fatigue while working for long durations.

Attributed to its flexibility, the rope does not retain kinks or bends upon being stored or coiled. It is easy to bend. Therefore, the rope is ideal for tasks that require knotting.

The small diameter(11.6mm) of the rope further plays a part in adding flexibility and minimizing weight.


The per-meter weight of the rope is 102 grams. This minimal value makes it lightweight and easy to carry.

Despite its limited weight, the rope is not behind in strength. Made from polyester double weave construction and 55% sheath, Petzl Flow boasts great strength.

It is easy to work in trees with the rope for long periods due to its minimal weight. Carrying it for arborist tasks does not tire the users out.

Optimal glide

Petzl Flow has a splice at one end. This enables the rope to be optimally glided through a pulley, friction saver, or other such devices. The patented splice also assists the climbing rope to be moved around tree branches with fluidity.

Compatible with ZigZag and ZigZag Plus

The rope‘s splice is small in size. Thanks to this feature it can pass through the friction chains of ZigZag and ZigZag Plus mechanical prusiks.

Petzl Chicane is suitable to use with the rope. The OK Oval carabiner can also be used in compatibility with Petzl Flow.

Multiple colors and lengths

Petzl Flow provides independence of choice for users. The buyers can choose from 2 options of colors: Orange and green. The bright colors make it easy for the rope to be identified. The Orange Climbing Rope has the same features as the green Climbing Rope. The variety enables climbers to add a personalized touch to their gear.

Users have an option to choose from 3 lengths: 35m, 45m, and 60m. The arborists can select a length according to their needs to maximize efficiency. Personal preference is based on tasks each user encounters. Therefore, the users can suit different applications with ropes with multiple lengths.

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Green, Orange


35 m, 45 m, 60 m


11.6 mm