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Petzl CROLL Chest Rope Clamp For Rope Ascents | Rope Compatibility 8-13 mm

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  • Durable stainless steel cam for corrosion resistance and long-lasting performance.
  • Versatile design with compact CROLL S and wide-channel CROLL L options.
  • Improved safety with integrated catch and efficient self-cleaning cam.


Petzl CROLL Chest Rope Clamp: The Essential Tool for Tree Climbing Stuff

The Petzl CROLL Chest Rope Clamp is your go-to companion for secure and efficient tree climbing. Let’s dive into why this climbing tool should be an essential part of your gear.

Key Features

Durability. When it comes to tree climbing stuff, durability is key. The Petzl CROLL Chest Rope Clamp is built to withstand the toughest environments. Its stainless steel cam not only offers better resistance to corrosion but also ensures long-lasting performance under any conditions, be it frozen or muddy ropes.

User-Friendly Design. Simplicity and effectiveness are crucial in tree surgery climbing equipment. The CROLL’s design makes it simple to use and manipulate quickly. The integrated safety catch prevents snagging, and the self-cleaning slot on the toothed cam ensures optimal performance throughout your climbs.

Versatility. This rope clamp comes in two versions to suit your needs. The CROLL S is compact and lightweight, ideal for harsh environments with its reinforced stainless steel rope channel. On the other hand, the CROLL L features a wide rope channel, ensuring excellent fluidity during your ascents.

Benefits for Arborists

Safety First. The Petzl CROLL Chest Rope Clamp prioritizes your safety. The integrated safety catch keeps you secure while climbing, preventing any accidental mishaps.

Efficiency and Ease of Use. Efficiency is crucial in tree climbing, and the CROLL delivers. Its simple operation allows you to make quick adjustments, saving you time and energy during climbs. Plus, the self-cleaning cam ensures smooth performance even in challenging conditions, so you can trust it to get the job done.

Versatile Options. Whether you choose the compact CROLL S or the wide-channel CROLL L, you’re getting a reliable tool that adapts to your specific needs. From harsh environments to smooth ascents, this rope clamp has got you covered.

Why Choose This?

In addition to its primary use as a chest rope clamp, the Petzl CROLL also works seamlessly with Hand & Chest Ascenders, enhancing your climbing capabilities further. This versatility makes it an even more valuable addition to your tree climbing stuff.

Invest in your safety and efficiency as an arborist with the Petzl CROLL Chest Rope Clamp. You won’t find a more value-for-money option for your tree climbing adventures. Don’t miss out on this essential addition to your tree climbing gear – order yours today!

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