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Petzl CHICANE Auxiliary brake for ZIGZAG and ZIGZAG Plus


  • Smooth glide: The device allows users to move smoothly through ascents and allows control in descents.
  • Triple action unlocking: This mechanism prevents accidental opening of side plate, minimizing risk of mishaps.
  • Portable: Chicane weighs only 255 grams, allowing users to carry it around easily.

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A rope progression auxiliary braking device

The Petzl CHICANE allows the usage of Petzl ZigZag and ZigZag plus mechanical prusiks on single ropes. It is a braking device that provides additional friction. It enables a smooth flow for users through brake during ascents. Moreover, the mechanical friction device also assists friction on descents. The main purpose of Chicane is the delivery of complete control for the arborists over their glide on the rope.

A mechanism designed with safety and smooth rope climbing in mind

Petzl chicane has an ergonomic handle, which assists the arborists in limb walking thanks to its amazing grip.

The effortless delivery of the product facilitates tree care by holding the load in place. It allows the users to adjust the friction on the rope for preferred speed adjustment during climbing.

Easy-to-install friction device

The installation of Chicane is quick and easy. It connects to the upper hole of mechanical prusiks. Its side plate can be opened for quick installation on the rope.

The product has a mechanism of triple-action unlocking

This prevents accidental opening of the side plate while the user is climbing. Chicane adds an extra layer of safety for the users and frees them from the fear of mishaps.

Petzl Chicane is easily operable for arborists who are new to rope climbing. Therefore, it is also easily operable in stressful situations.

Versatile rope compatibility

The product is compatible with ropes ranging from 11.5 mm to 13 mm in diameter. The delivery of the braking system is possible on single ropes. It is compatible with other ropeclimbing gear such as ropes, carabiners, and harnesses.

H-shaped cross-sectioned connector

When combined with the positioning ring of mechanical prusik (including Petzl ZigZag and ZigZag plus) it becomes a compatible unit for ropes. It ensures smooth glide and movement while limb walking.

Optimal durability

Chicane is made with high-quality material. Aluminium, steel, and nylon construct of the tool make it robust The 2 friction pins allow it to withstand forces during braking. They are available as spare parts. It has a reliable performance over multiple uses.


The device can be used on rough and abrasive surfaces. It can last long even with frequent use in harsh environments. It can also be used in moisture without the fear of it wearing out or corroding. Furthermore, it comes with a guarantee of 3 years. The product has an unlimited lifespan. Maintenance, repairs, and modifications are also provided for Chicane in Petzl facilities.

Convenient and portable

Chicane weighs 255 grams. The minimal weight allows users to carry it around easily. This reduces the overall load on climbers. It can be easily integrated into rope systems without taking up too much space.

It can be easily transported, so the arborists can use it for prolonged periods. The portability ensures the delivery of brakes without tiring the users.

The compact size of Petzl CHICANE ensures that it can be carried in a backpack or gear bag conveniently.

Safe load handling

The load capacity of the device is 140 kilograms. This ensures that any unexpected load encountered during tree climbing can be handled by the device. It prevents accidental slippage or release. Attributed to a secure locking system, there is no risk of accidental opening of the device while heavy load is being handled.

Available compatible devices

Petzl CHICANE can be effectively used with the Petzl ZigZag 2019 version. It can be combined with the Petzl FLOW Tree Care Rope and Petzl OK Oval Carabiner for optimal delivery of the braking system.


Unusual slippage of the device is a sign that it is starting to wear out. You should not use the device if you are unaware of its usage history. It should be made sure that all the items of the equipment are correctly placed before use to ensure proper delivery. It should be verified that the friction chain is compressing and extending freely. Incompatible equipment should not be attached to the device. If the tool fails to pass inspection or any doubt related to its reliability arises, discard it immediately.

To limit the length and risk of fall it should be ensured that the anchor point is correctly positioned. When the system. is under tension the user should always stay below the anchor. If the brake side of the rope is not held, there is a risk of falling by any pressure on the release lever. You should make sure that the manufacturer’s markings on the product are legible.

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