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Obilasser Rigging Bollard

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The Obilasser Rigging Bollard combines expert engineering with practical design, offering smoother rope handling, reduced leverage, quick rope release, and superior stability. Designed for maximum safety and efficiency in arboricultural work.

Base 30,5 x 16 cm | Breaking tube Ø 140 mm | Weight 8,55 kg | Maximum load 1,4 t | For ropes up to Ø 19 mm

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Embodying decades of professional rigging experience, we introduce an industry game-changer – the Obilasser Rigging Bollard. This rigging device showcases meticulous engineering designed to enhance safety, increase efficiency, and withstand rigorous use in all your arboricultural work.

One of the major enhancements of this model is the increase in the diameter of the break-pipe. This feature allows ropes to glide more smoothly and be less prone to kinking. Such design consideration leads to fewer work interruptions and an overall safer work environment, as unexpected kinks can sometimes lead to mishaps during operation.

Additionally, a reduction in the length of this rigging device helps to decrease leverage, providing operators with better control and balance during rigging operations. This thoughtful adaptation directly results in safer and more precise handling of loads.

In a forward-thinking design move, the device incorporates reoriented “noses” at the end of the break tube. These noses, equipped with removable pins, enable the groundsman to swiftly release the rope, thereby reducing the number of wraps needed. This results in improved efficiency during operations, saving valuable time in the field.

Moreover, the duct designed for lashing straps has been upgraded, now offering better prevention against slippage, ensuring that your rigging operations are as secure as possible. The extended bridge of the bollard allows for a deeper fit into the wood, thus creating a better hold with the tree trunk and further enhancing stability.

Durability and resistance to environmental elements are ensured by a galvanized device body. Additionally, the device incorporates pins manufactured from high-grade stainless steel, delivering excellent strength and resistance to corrosion.

With a solid base measuring 30.5 x 16 cm, a break tube diameter of 140 mm, and a weight of 8.55 kg, this reliable rigging device is engineered to handle a maximum load of 1.4 tons. It is capable of accommodating ropes with diameters up to 19 mm.

In summary, this innovative product represents the essence of professional rigging experience, offering reliable, efficient, and safe operations. Equip your team with the very best in the industry – choose Obilasser Rigging Bollard.

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