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Notch ZERO Throw Weights


  • Lead free: Free from toxic substances, filled with stainless steel instead of lead.
  • High Visibility: Brightly colored throw weights having 2 panels of a unique pattern. All weights are color coded.
  • Durable: Made with genuine 1,000 denier Cordura, extra stitching, and welded ring to withstand rough and multiple uses.


Notch Zero Throw weights are perfectly designed for precise and balanced soar through the air. The design of the tools allows effortless use. They are crafted especially for tree care professionals. The shape of the Throw Weights is streamlined and compact to efficiently cut through the air. This enables the arborists to throw with accuracy and smoothness. 

The throw weights are free from any toxic substances! Instead of containing lead, the tools are made with stainless steel. This new technology protects the users from carcinogens.

Notch Zero Throw Weights can never be lost! The throw weights encompass high visibility colors and 2 panels of a unique pattern. These patterns are not seen in nature therefore making it easier to locate in dense foliage. The tools are color coded by weight. So the users can quickly select and adjust to their weight needs.

The throw weights come with a lifetime guarantee! Made from rugged materials- genuine 1,000 denier Cordura, they can withstand rough handling. The Notch Zero Throw weights have a welded ring and extra stitching. This provides a secure attachment point. The tools can be thrown against anything in nature and will still stay intact. If you manage to break them, they will be replaced.

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Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red


227 g, 284 g, 340 g, 397 g, 454 g