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Notch Modular Chainsaw Lanyard | Length 990/1676 mm


  • Two-piece design with redundant snaps for easy chainsaw installation and removal.
  • Elastic reach extends from 990 mm to 1676.4 mm, enhancing accessibility and efficiency.
  • Compatible with all chainsaw types, includes additional handle loop clip for quick saw changes.

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Notch Modular Chainsaw Lanyard: The Ultimate Tool for Arborists

The Essential for Every Tree Professional

The Notch Modular Chainsaw Lanyard is an indispensable tool designed to meet the rigorous demands of professional arborists. Tailored for those who prioritize safety, efficiency, and versatility in their work, this lanyard offers a seamless blend of functionality and convenience.

Unmatched Versatility and Safety

The Notch Modular Chainsaw Lanyard distinguishes itself with its innovative two-piece design, featuring redundant snaps that facilitate quick and effortless installation and removal of your chainsaw. This key feature ensures that arborists can easily switch between saws, adapting to various tasks with ease. The inclusion of an additional handle loop clip further enhances this versatility, allowing for smooth transitions between equipment without compromising on safety or productivity.

The lanyard’s elasticity is not just a design choice; it’s a strategic feature that extends reach while minimizing bulk, ensuring that your movements are unhindered whether you’re climbing, cutting, or navigating through dense foliage. The sewn-in ring for harness storage exemplifies the thoughtfulness behind this design, providing a convenient solution for keeping your chainsaw accessible at all times.

Designed for the Professional Arborist

Understanding the environment in which the Notch Modular Chainsaw Lanyard will be used, its construction boasts durability and compatibility. Crafted from high-quality nylon webbing, with a stainless ring and plastic buckle, it is built to withstand the challenges of tree work. Its compact stow length paired with an impressive extended reach ensures that it meets the needs of professionals in any situation. Furthermore, its compatibility with all chainsaw types and sizes means no arborist is left behind, regardless of their preferred tools.

Care and Maintenance

To ensure the Notch Modular Chainsaw Lanyard serves you well across its full lifespan, a simple care routine is recommended. Store it in a room at a moderate temperature to preserve its materials and hand wash and air dry when cleaning is needed. This straightforward approach ensures your lanyard remains in top condition, ready for your next day’s work.

Make the Smart Choice

For arborists who refuse to compromise on quality and efficiency, the Notch Modular Chainsaw Lanyard is the smart choice. It solves the common problem of accessing and managing your chainsaw in the canopy, providing extended reach and convenience without sacrificing safety or functionality.

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