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Introducing the neckLASTIC SRT Neck Bungee: Unleash the power of tension in your climbing system. Upgrade your gear today and experience climbing like never before!

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Introducing the neckLASTIC SRT Neck Bungee, a game-changer for climbers seeking optimal tension. This innovative tool, compatible with Rope Wrench and other SRT systems, is meticulously crafted with trusted, high-quality components. Handmade by our CE Certified technician, Mr. Lee Cole, it exceeds expectations in durability and reliability.

With a generous 60cm circumference, the neckLASTIC SRT Neck Bungee utilizes its bungee cord to provide ample stretch during climbs. Its versatility is enhanced by the inclusion of the DMM XSRE 4kN accessory karabiner, while the New England Tachyon 1155 rope sheath ensures visibility and protection.

Weighing a mere 77g, this lightweight tool prioritizes convenience without compromising agility. Please note that the neckLASTIC SRT Neck Bungee is not intended for use as personal protective equipment (PPE).

Elevate your climbing experience with the neckLASTIC SRT Neck Bungee. Unleash the power of tension and revolutionize your climbing system today.

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