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Climbing helmet | 490 g (excluding accessories) | EN 12492

Universal-adjustable from 52 to 63 cm.

EXTERNAL SHELL: HD Polypropylene
INTERNAL SHELL: HD Expanded Polystyrene

VENTILATION CHANNELS: Designed with 8 air intakes that maximize internal airflow through outflow channels providing exceptional helmet breathability.

D-CORE TECHNOLOGY: Helmet designed with a low density inner core optimized for protection from top impacts.

HD CROWN PROTECTION: High-density inner shell component that provides stronger side impact absorption.

CLICK-IN SYSTEM: Enhanced attachment system that quickly secures into place and allows for easier replacement, and removal. Drastically improves padding durability.

DRY+: Advanced composite fabric integrated with Hydrocool® moisture-wicking technology and exceptionally soft textiles for enhanced user comfort. Infused with a deodorizing silver ion treatment.

ADAPTIVE FIT SYSTEM: A size adjustment system which integrates three components for all-day comfort. A new, double diameter dial allows for easier size adjustments. Ergonomic side wings ensure a fast and secure fit against the back of the head. The patented Self Adaptive Live Hinge is the latest, self-adjusting fit technology that moves as the wearer moves.

ADVANCED CHINSTRAP: Chinstrap designed with eco-leather, a synthetic leather made using sustainable materials and processes, that provides high degrees of comfort and significantly reduces irritation to the skin. Hypoallergenic and washable.

EASY CLICK SYSTEM: Helmet designed with integrated slots that enable visor adapters to mount face protection and eye protection to helmet.

POLYPROPYLENE HD EXTERNAL SHELL: Lightweight external shell with exponential better performance. Excels in impact absorption, especially at lower temperatures (-30ºC). Resists yellowing and degradation.

LATERAL ADJUSTMENT DIVIDER: Chinstrap designed with an updated lateral adjustment divider with additional adjustment point for a more precise fit. New fastener is KASK signature lime for added visibility and enhanced ease of use.

RING TO HOOK: Attachment loop on chinstrap designed for clipping the helmet to a harness for added safety. An integral part of a fall protection system.

FRONTAL ACCESSORY SLOT: Front attachment point for advanced customization and easy integration of accessories such as badge holders and headlamps. Includes cap cover for debris protection.

REPLACEABLE LAMP CLIPS: Helmet designed with 4 removable nylon external lamp attachment clips. Compatible with KASK headlamps and industry headlamps with elastic bands.

EARPLUG HOOKS: Lamp clips designed with secure earplug holders for easy access to sound suppression.

EARMUFF ATTACHMENT SLOTS: Helmet designed with integrated slots for attaching KASK earmuffs with adapters.

HI-VIZ NAMEPLATE: Designed with a high visibility nameplate for easy identification on the back of the helmet.