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KM Pro

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  • Certified safety with EN1891A and CI1801, ensuring 35kN (7,865 lbf) of robust strength.
  • Remarkable 2.0% elongation, marrying durability with a pleasantly supple handling experience.
  • Meticulous blend of anti-rotational fiber, ensuring high performance at an economical cost.
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KM Pro Static Ropes: Precision Engineered for Arborists

Navigating through the demanding sphere of arboriculture, the KM Pro Static Ropes stand as a testament to TEUFELBERGER’s meticulous engineering, seamlessly integrating into the exacting requirements of the rope access industry.

Blend of Strength and Suppleness

Engineered with the esteemed lineage of TEUFELBERGER’s flagship product, KMIII®, the KM Pro Static Ropes offer an impeccable balance of superior strength, excellent handling, and commendable abrasion resistance, all while ensuring minimal elongation. Certified according to EN1891A and CI1801, the ropes manifest an MBS of 35kN (7,865 lbf) and an elongation of just 2.0%, affirming their reliability in the rigorous demands of arborist work.

The ropes owe their success to a strategically balanced blend of polyester and nylon. The polyester sheath offers a robust, static, chemical, and UV-resistant armor, whereas the polyamide core ensures enduring roundness and suppleness. This harmonious combination provides a rope that remains unyieldingly steadfast, without adopting the undesired ‘cable’ feel of solid polyester ropes.

Pioneering Tree Climbing Gear Integration

In the realm of tree climbing gear, KM Pro doesn’t merely perform; it excels, acting as a trustworthy ally in your arborist undertakings. The ropes epitomize a remarkable blend of anti-rotational fiber and efficiency, creating a product that not only meets but elevates the standards for static ropes in arboriculture, without demanding an exorbitant price tag. With KM Pro, engage in your daily arborist operations, backed by a rope that comprehensively understands and adeptly caters to the nuanced demands of your profession.

As you contemplate the multifaceted advantages of KM Pro Static Ropes, allow us to direct your attention towards our Xstatic ropes, encapsulating another dimension of TEUFELBERGER’s innovation and reliability, ensuring your arborist pursuits are always supported by unparalleled strength and dependability.

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