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KM III Max | 60 m


  • Certified to EN 1891A, ensuring optimal safety and reliability in operations.
  • Features Twill Pattern Technology, enhancing control during descents and ascensions.
  • Robust construction with polyamide core and a 32-plait polyester cover.

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KM III Max Static Rope: Precision in Every ArboristÔÇÖs Endeavor

Navigating through the lush, lofty canopies demands not only skill but also meticulously crafted tree climbing gear. Enter the KM III Max Static Rope, blending innovative design with field-proven reliability, underscoring its place in the toolkit of discerning arborists.

Twill Pattern Technology: A Synonym for Smooth Operation

KM III Max Static Rope leverages Twill Pattern Technology (TPT), ensuring that the intricacies of smooth descents and work positioning are handled with refined control and reduced creepage. The specially crafted twill design provides a smoother cover, contributing to optimal braking, efficient ascending, and noteworthy abrasion resistance, critical factors when static ropes are pivotal in your elevated endeavors.

Certified to EN 1891A, with a resilient polyamide core and durable polyester cover, the climbing rope assures a trustworthy alliance during heavy exposure fixed lines, big wall hauling, caving, and diverse rescue applications, beyond its original design intention of work positioning. The 32-plait build not only complies with stringent ANSI Z133 standards but also substantiates its capability in maintaining minimal rotation and equitable balance.

KM III Max is not merely a piece of equipment; it is a promise of stability and reliability, serving arborists in their vertical realms where precision is paramount, and safety is non-negotiable.

For different navigational demands within arboreal expanses, consider augmenting your equipment set with the KM Pro, another proficient tool in offering reliable, versatile utility in varied arborist applications.

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Weight 6.05 kg

11 mm




60 m



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