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Glide Rope Grab CE


Glide Rope Grab CE by Notch: Precision-engineered for 11 mm to 13 mm ropes, ensuring optimal tension with its unique removable cam.

  • Adjustable under load
  • Smooth non-aggressive clutch
  • CE Certified to Specification No. 64055/2022

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Glide Rope Grab CE: The Notch Benchmark in Tree Climbing Gear

Promising Engineering and Precision

Precision Engineered for the Modern Arborist

From the outset, the Glide Rope Grab CE by Notch defines precision. Firstly, from its initial glance to its operational finesse, this cam-based horizontal and vertical work positioning lanyard adjuster has been meticulously crafted to meet the demands of today’s arboriculture. When it comes to modern tree climbing tools, few can rival the sophistication and efficiency offered by the Glide Rope Grab.

Balancing Design with Usability

Superior Design Meets Functionality

Moreover, it streamlines your tasks with its intuitive, one-handed operation. For instance, whether you’re ascending or descending, you can expect a responsive rope payout and take-up. Furthermore, the robust, yet smooth, non-aggressive clutch ensures that your ropes remain in prime condition. In essence, with virtually no sit-back during use, this tool sets a new standard in arborist efficiency. Its ergonomic design, combined with its superior construction, makes it a must-have in the toolkit of every arborist.

A Testament to Versatility

Versatility at its Finest

On another note, designed to accommodate ropes ranging from 11 mm to 13 mm in diameter, the Glide stands out as the epitome of versatility. Its size-specific removable cam allows for optimal rope tension adjustments, and additionally, it even accommodates wire-core lanyards without the need for extra cams. In other words, it’s a genuine one-size-fits-all solution. When you think of adaptability in tree climbing gear, the Glide should be your first choice.

Commitment to Standards and Quality

Trust the Notch Legacy

Importantly, it comes individually serialized, reinforcing our commitment to quality and traceability. Also, adherence to the ASTM F887 Standard and its CE Certification to Technical Specification No. 64055/2022 underscores its unwavering reliability. However, note that the CE certification only covers climbing rope, not wire core rope. With such rigorous standards, users can be assured of its exceptional quality.

The Notch Collection: Exploring More Options

Another Step Forward

Lastly, if the Glide Rope Grab CE speaks to your needs, you might also find value in the Rope Runner Pro. As a testament to the same unwavering quality, it’s yet another essential tool for the discerning professional.

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