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Friction saver TREESBEE

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  • Galvanized steel ring (70mm/46mm) for durable outdoor use in tree climbing.
  • Wide, rigid webbing minimizes twisting, improves rope glide for eco-conscious climbing.
  • Easy installation and retrieval from the ground, accommodating spliced terminations for convenience.
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Friction Saver TREESBEE: Essential Outdoor Gear for Every Explorer

Meet the Friction Saver TREESBEE, a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts seeking reliable gear for camping, hiking, and exploring. Crafted for durability, this essential tool is designed to seamlessly blend into your outdoor experience without compromising the environment.

Effective Protection and Rope Efficiency

Prioritize environmental conservation with the Friction Saver TREESBEE’s wide, rigid webbing. Beyond limiting twisting, it enhances rope glide at the anchor point, minimizing any impact on the trees. Explore confidently, knowing your gear respects and protects the natural surroundings.

Optimized for Movement in Nature

The Friction Saver TREESBEE features a galvanized steel ring with a large interior diameter of 70mm and exterior diameter of 46mm, ensuring robustness for various outdoor activities. It’s your dependable companion for navigating through nature with ease.

Simple Installation and Retrieval

Designed for user-friendly operation, the Friction Saver TREESBEE is easily installed and retrieved from the ground. The strap features large and small diameter rings, accommodating ropes with spliced terminations. The triple thickness of termination on the large ring side adds rigidity, ensuring hassle-free retrieval in any outdoor scenario.

Versatile Gear for Outdoor Adventures and Tree Climbing

Suitable for various outdoor activities, including tree climbing, the Friction Saver TREESBEE comes in two sizes, 90cm and 110cm, offering flexibility for your adventures. Its compatibility with a 30mm retrieval ball further expands its versatility, making it an essential part of your outdoor and tree climbing gear collection.

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Explore our collection of Friction Savers, including the reliable Friction Saver TREESBEE, your essential companion for a seamless and enjoyable outdoor journey.


  • Material(s): Steel, nylon
  • Breaking strength: 23 kN
  • Max. rope diameter: 13 mm
  • Certification(s): CE EN 795 B, TS 16415, UKCA, EAC

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