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Dyneema® Express

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Dyneema┬« Express: Edeldrid’s Lightweight, High-Strength Solution

  • Width: 11 mm
  • Minimum breaking strength: 22 kN
  • Certified: EN 566, UIAA
  • Features ANTITWIST on lower carabiner
  • Material: Premium Dyneema┬«

Pair with our Cut Away Slings for comprehensive gear support.

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Dyneema Express

Firstly, in the ever-evolving world of tree care and maintenance, Edeldrid has made a significant mark. Edeldrid’s Dyneema Express offers unmatched strength in a refreshingly lightweight design, an innovation that is turning heads in the industry.

The Essence of Edeldrid’s Engineering.

The advent of the Dyneema Express brilliantly showcases Edeldrid’s commitment to continuous improvement and top-notch engineering. With its specialized Dyneema core, this equipment provides unparalleled weight efficiency. Thus, arborists, both seasoned and new to the field, can wholly trust its unmatched reliability. It is truly a revolution in climbing gear technology.

An Indispensable Tool for Arborists.

When it comes to gear, tree climbers, who often face challenging and unpredictable conditions, require nothing but the best. Consequently, in a sea of options, the Dyneema Express emerges as the top choice. Specifically designed to meet the profession’s stringent demands, it boasts an impressive 11 mm width. Additionally, with a breaking strength of 22 kN, it’s a testament to its superior quality and the extensive research behind it.

Safety First: Certifications Galore.

In a profession where safety is paramount, Edeldrid understands the stakes. Safe climbing isn’t just a preference; it’s a necessity for arborists. Therefore, the Dyneema Express, after rigorous testing and evaluation, proudly holds certifications from both EN 566 and UIAA. As a result, climbers, from urban jungles to remote forests, can be assured of its top-tier performance and safety. Moreover, the ANTITWIST feature on the carabiner ensures smoother, hitch-free operations, making each climb efficient and secure.

Dyneema Express: Edeldrid’s Stamp of Quality.

In the competitive market of climbing gear, standing out is a challenge. Edeldrid, in its commitment to excellence, only opts for the finest materials, such as premium Dyneema┬«. Consequently, the Dyneema┬« Express stands as a shining example of the brand’s unwavering commitment to quality and its dedication to the arborist community. Furthermore, it’s tailored to serve professionals with precision, ensuring that each user feels the difference.

Lastly, for those looking to enhance their toolkit and elevate their climbing experience, consider pairing the Dyneema Express with our Cut Away Slings. Indeed, this combination promises unmatched synergy, and it’s an addition that will undoubtedly elevate your gear collection to unparalleled heights.

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