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Dyneema Express 11

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Introducing the Dyneema Express 11 – an ultra-lightweight, customizable sling built for strength. With a weight of 8g, strength of 22kN, and varying lengths from 11 to 30cm, it’s your ideal climbing companion. Experience superior performance in vibrant blue.

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Dyneema Express 11

Discover the Dyneema Express 11 by Singing Rock, your ultimate ally for climbing escapades. Designed for seamless quickdraw customization, this sling empowers you to tailor your gear to your exact specifications. It also serves as an optimal replacement for any sling that no longer fits the bill.

At an ultra-lightweight 8g for the 11cm version, this sling defies the norm by offering robust strength. Its exceptional weight-to-strength ratio is a testament to its superior design. Crafted from the highly durable Dyneema® material, famed for its outstanding resilience, this sling is capable of withstanding a staggering force of up to 22kN.

Despite its significant strength, the Dyneema Express 11 maintains a sleek profile with a width of just 11mm. This minimalist design ensures easy handling, thereby enhancing your climbing experience.

Offering a range of lengths including 11, 13, 16, 20, and 30cm, the Dyneema Express 11 caters to every climber’s need. Whether you’re navigating narrow fissures or crossing expansive gaps, this sling is your dependable companion.

Sporting an attractive blue shade, the Dyneema Express 11 effortlessly marries function with style. It’s the perfect choice for the climbing enthusiast who prizes high strength, low weight, and a dash of colour in their gear.

Elevate your climbing experience with the Dyneema Express 11 – the epitome of lightweight yet robust performance.

Color blue
Weight 8 g (11 cm) • 0.28 oz (4.4 in)
Material Dyneema®
Strength 22 kN
Width 11 mm
Length 11, 13, 16, 20 and 30 cm • 4.4, 5.2, 6.4, 8 and 12 in

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11 cm, 13 cm, 16 cm, 20 cm, 30 cm


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