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Corazon, heart-shaped gear carabiner with a wire gate, combines elegance with utility. Not for climbing or PPE use. Explore more and elevate your arborist toolkit today!

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Corazon Accessory Carabiner: The Heart of Arborist Equipment

Edelrid‘s Finest Non-Climbing Carabiner

The Essence of Arborist Gear

The Corazon Accessory Carabiner reflects a fine fusion of utility and aesthetics. Every professional arborist understands the need for reliable gear that not only serves its purpose but also represents their passion for trees. With its distinct heart shape, the Corazon is more than just a piece of equipment; it’s an emblem of dedication and love for the craft.

Purposeful Design for Specialized Needs

Designed with precision, the Corazon carabiner boasts a wire gate that ensures a smooth and seamless latch, making it efficient for attaching tools or lightweight accessories. Its heart shape isn’t merely for visual appeal but provides an ergonomic grip that facilitates easy handling. The craftsmanship speaks to Edelrid’s reputation for delivering top-notch quality in every product.

Note for Safe Usage

While the Corazon carabiner stands out in terms of design and function, it’s essential to understand its limitations. This gear is specifically not to be used for climbing. It is an accessory carabiner, ideal for daily tasks but not as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Arborists are advised to always prioritize safety and ensure they use the right gear for climbing and other high-risk activities.

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