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Cbf Mini Wedge


Notch CBF Mini Wedge

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Felling wedge | plastic | with hole

Solid plastic. Ergonomic design and balanced weight for quick and easy handling in a tree. Karabiner hole fits most large karabiners.

NOTCH has created a new and improved mini felling wedge designed with the climbing arborist in mind. The sturdy but tiny Climber’s Best Friend is perfect for jamming into a narrow kerf to alleviate saw pinching wherever you are.

Simply tie a line between your harness and your wedge and you’ll never lose it from a tree. The large hole in the CBF also allows you stow your wedge on almost any karabiner or tool carrier.

High impact ABS construction, ergonomic design for easy handling, karabiner hole fits most large karabiners.

  • Height: 93 mm
  • Width: 49 mm
  • Weight: 293 g

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