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The Braided Safety Blue is the go-to climbing rope for arborists who demand unmatched safety, ergonomics, and durability. With a proprietary blue safety core, plied strand yarns, and a protective coating, this 16-strand rope is certified to the highest standards and feels great in your hand. Easy to splice and available in various lengths, the Braided Safety Blue is the ultimate choice for arborist climbing.


Teufelberger Braided Safety Blue | T-Vee

The Braided Safety Blue is a top-quality arborist climbing rope that is ideal for those looking for unparalleled safety, ergonomics, and durability. This 16-strand rope is a trendsetter among climbing ropes and is manufactured by TEUFELBERGER, a leading name in the climbing industry.

Certified to the EN 1891A and ANSI Z133 standards, the Braided Safety Blue is available in three different lengths – 35 m, 45 m, and 60 m. It can also be ordered with one or two [slaice]® rope end terminations to suit your specific needs.

One of the key features of this rope is its proprietary blue safety core made of polyamide. This core is designed to remain hidden unless the rope has suffered significant damage, indicating that it needs to be replaced. This ensures that you always know when your rope is safe to use.

With a diameter of 12.7mm, the Braided Safety Blue feels great in your hand, reducing hand fatigue and allowing you to work efficiently with the rope. The rope is also easy to splice, making it a breeze to work with during climbing activities.

The Braided Safety Blue is built to last, featuring plied strand yarns for improved abrasion resistance and a protective coating that enhances its grip and durability. This coating ensures that the rope can withstand wear and tear and provides a comfortable grip, even when your hands are sweaty or wet.

Overall, the Braided Safety Blue is a great choice for arborists who demand the best in safety, ergonomics, and durability from their climbing gear. Order yours today and experience the difference for yourself!

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