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Braided Safety Blue | Hi-Vee

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The Braided Safety Blue is the go-to climbing rope for arborists who demand unmatched safety, ergonomics, and durability. With a proprietary blue safety core, plied strand yarns, and a protective coating, this 16-strand rope is certified to the highest standards and feels great in your hand. Easy to splice and available in various lengths, the Braided Safety Blue is the ultimate choice for arborist climbing.


Teufelberger Braided Safety Blue | Hi-Vee

Introducing the Braided Safety Blue – the ultimate climbing rope for arborists! Made by TEUFELBERGER, this 16-strand climbing rope is a trendsetter, combining unmatched safety, ergonomics, and durability.

Certified to the standards EN 1891A and ANSI Z133, this climbing rope is available in lengths of 35 m, 45 m, and 60 m, with one or two [slaice]® rope end terminations. The Braided Safety Blue is built with a proprietary blue safety core made of polyamide that remains concealed until the rope is seriously damaged, indicating that it needs to be replaced.

Measuring 12.7mm in diameter, this arborist climbing rope is comfortable to hold and minimizes hand fatigue. The Braided Safety Blue also features plied strand yarns for improved abrasion resistance and a protective coating that enhances its durability and grip. Additionally, this rope is incredibly easy to splice, providing great ease of use.

Get your hands on the Braided Safety Blue today and experience unparalleled safety, ergonomics, and durability during your arborist climbing activities.

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35 m, 45 m


1 [slaice]®, 2 [slaice]®



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