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BigO 50 Chain 300


Drayer BigO 50 Chain 300

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Drayer BigO 50 Chain 300

The attachment sling BigO 50 Chain 300 is the perfect tool for nearly all rigging applications and offers an even higher range of installation-possibilities than any common pulley. It´s so easy to create redirects, just choking that chain at a suitable branch or stem. The small distances between the eyes help to find the proper length and like with the big rigging ring you have the ability to work with two separate lines at the same time. In this case the rope that carries the main part of the load should run through the inner hole of the ring.
Rope Teufelberger tREX
Length 3 meters
Diameter rope 15.9 mm
Color orange, yellow
Breaking load rope 66 kN
Breaking load ring 250 kN



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