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Notch BackBone

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Notch BackBone

The BackBone makes more efficient rigging possible, as a quick connection between your spliced rigging line and slings.

Perfect for top-down rigging, as well as single, double, or even triple limb lowering. You can also use the BackBone to create a balancer for precision.

The Notch BackBone Mini (small version) is perfect for smaller limbs, smaller trees, and those situations when the full size seems just too much.

The BackBones are a vital link in fast-paced, secure rigging scenarios.

Attach the BackBone firmly to the lead end of the rigging line. A splice is the cleanest connection, but a cinching-type knot works as well. The first thing you’ll notice is its tendency to just float where your ground crew puts it. The weight not only makes it tough, but it counterbalances the fall of the rigging line when there is an average amount of rope in the system.

Add numerous combinations of all types of slings. The BackBone can handle it—hollow braid, double braid, webbing, loop, or single eye.

Don’t be afraid to loop the rigging line through and choke it off to itself with the BackBone as the lock. This feature allows flawless transition between static and dynamic rigging, all the while maintaining quick turnaround time from ground to you in the tree.

Knots—for all their benefits—take time to tie, dress, and set, then, conversely, to reverse the process on the ground. The BackBone eliminates most of that “untie time” and increases productivity in a secure, no-hassle, sturdy package.

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