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Alu Velcro


Distel Alu Velcro Climbing Spurs: Lightweight, durable, and customizable for the ultimate climbing experience. Conquer new heights with confidence and precision. Elevate your climb today! Explore our full range of gear.

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Alu Velcro Climbing Spurs: Lightweight Powerhouse for Arborists

Product Name: Distel Alu Velcro Climbing Spurs

Reach New Heights of Performance and Comfort

Unleash your climbing potential with the Distel Alu Velcro Climbing Spurs. Crafted with a hot-forged, blasted, and black anodized straight shaft, these spurs are exceptionally lightweight yet incredibly sturdy. The angular design ensures maximum strength while the anti-slip ribs on the stirrup deliver a firm grip, keeping you secure as you ascend to new heights.

Unparalleled Customization for Optimal Fit

The height-adjustable, padded plastic shells of the Distel Alu Spurs offer unparalleled customization. With 1/4 inch interval adjustments (approximately 6mm), these spurs can be perfectly tailored to your leg, providing optimal comfort and support. The Velcro strapping at the top and bottom guarantees a firm, play-free fit, allowing you to focus on your climb without any distractions.

Effortless Release and Enhanced Performance

The gaffs of these climbing spurs feature a PTFE coating, renowned for its exceptional properties. The PTFE coating protects against corrosion and enables effortless release of the gaff from the tree, saving you valuable time and effort. No more struggling or unnecessary stress—these spurs ensure smooth and efficient climbs every time.

The Next Evolution in Climbing Spurs

The latest evolution of Distel aluminum climbers, the Velcro Climbing Spurs, boasts several enhancements. Weighing a mere 50 grams each, they are 10% lighter than the previous version, thanks to optimized cross-section and the use of a stronger alloy. The anti-slip ribs on the stirrup and the intricate 3-dimensional forging details further enhance their performance. The blasted surface with scratch-resistant black polymer anodization lends a satin matte finish while ensuring exceptional bending fatigue strength.

Elevate Your Climb Today

Don’t settle for anything less than exceptional. Equip yourself with the Distel Climbing Spurs and experience the pinnacle of performance, durability, and comfort in tree climbing gear. Elevate your climb today!

Explore our range of Distel products, including the Alu Classic Climbing Spurs, and discover the perfect gear to enhance your arborist journey. Start your climb with confidence and precision. Shop now and take your tree climbing to new heights.

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