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Alu Click


Distel Alu Click Climbing Spurs: Lightweight, durable, and designed for professional arborists. Conquer new heights with confidence. Elevate your climbing game today! Order now and experience excellence in tree climbing gear.

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Alu Click Climbing Spurs: Conquer New Heights with Confidence

Designed for Arborists Who Demand Excellence

Are you an arborist seeking top-notch gear that combines lightweight performance with unparalleled durability? Look no further than the Alu Click Climbing Spurs. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these climbing spurs are engineered to empower arborists like you to conquer new heights with utmost confidence.

Unleash Your Potential with Cutting-Edge Features

The Distel Alu Click Climbing Spurs boast an array of remarkable features that set them apart from the competition. The straight, angular shaft is meticulously hot-forged, blasted, and black anodized, ensuring exceptional strength and resistance to wear and tear. Equipped with anti-slip ribs on the bottom of the stirrup, these spurs provide a secure grip, even in challenging climbing conditions.

A Perfect Fit for Optimal Performance

Comfort is paramount when it comes to arborist equipment. The Distel Alu Click Climbing Spurs deliver on this front with their height-adjustable, padded plastic shells. Thanks to their unique design, these shells can be customized to fit your leg perfectly, providing unparalleled comfort during long hours of climbing. The Click strapping at the top and bottom ensures a firm and play-free fit, allowing you to focus solely on your ascent.

Enhanced Performance with PTFE-Coated Gaffs

Say goodbye to the frustrations of gaffs sticking to trees. The Distel Climbing Spurs feature gaffs with a special black PTFE coating. This engineered plastic coating reduces friction and breakaway moments, allowing for effortless release from the tree. Save valuable time and energy with gaffs that perform flawlessly, enhancing your overall climbing experience.

Continuing the Legacy of Excellence

The Distel Alu Click Climbing Spurs represent the third evolution of Distel aluminum climbers. Building upon the success of their predecessors, these climbing spurs are now 10% lighter, thanks to optimized cross-section and the use of a stronger alloy. With anti-slip ribs on the stirrup and exquisite 3-dimensional forging details, these spurs offer unrivaled strength and reliability.

Unparalleled Comfort with the 2020 Pads

Incorporating user feedback and innovative design, the 2020 pads accompanying the Spurs offer superior comfort and fit. The larger foam plate provides additional padding for the shin and calf, enveloping your leg in a cushioned embrace. The grid structure of the pad ensures optimal fit, evenly distributing pressure for an elevated level of comfort. With increased foam thickness of 2 cm, these pads are the epitome of support and coziness.

Take Action Today!

If you’re ready to elevate your climbing experience to new heights, the Distel Climbing Spurs are your ultimate companion. But why stop there? Explore our range of Alu Classic Climbing Spurs for even more exceptional options. Don’t settle for ordinary gear – equip yourself with the best and embark on your next tree-climbing adventure. Order your Alu Click Climbing Spurs now and experience the pinnacle of arborist excellence.

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