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Alu Classic


Distel Alu Classic Climbing Spurs: Lightweight and durable, these climbing spurs are the ultimate companion for arborists. Conquer trees with confidence and precision. Elevate your climbing game today! Experience the difference. Shop now!

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Alu Classic Climbing Spurs from Distel: Master the Trees with Confidence

Product Description:

Get ready to conquer the heights like never before with the exceptional Distel Climbing Spurs. Designed for professional arborists, these climbing spurs are a pinnacle of lightweight performance and unbeatable durability. With the Distel Alu Classic Climbing Spurs, you’ll experience the perfect fusion of cutting-edge engineering and ergonomic design, ensuring a secure and comfortable climbing experience.

Unparalleled Lightweight Construction:

Crafted with precision, the Climbing Spurs feature a straight, angular shaft that is meticulously hot-forged, blasted, and black anodized. This exceptional construction technique not only enhances the aesthetics but also provides exceptional bending fatigue strength. The result? Climbing spurs that are 10% lighter than the previous version, thanks to an optimized cross-section and a stronger alloy.

Unrivaled Grip and Stability:

When it comes to climbing, stability is key. The anti-slip ribs strategically placed on the bottom of the stirrup guarantee an unwavering grip, even in challenging conditions. Experience the confidence of knowing that every step you take transmits force straight from your foot, through the stirrup, and into the trunk. The Distel Alu Classic Climbing Spurs ensure a reliable connection between you and the tree.

Customized Comfort:

Your comfort matters, and that’s why the these Spurs are designed with adjustable padded plastic shells. These shells can be easily adjusted in 1/4 inch intervals (approximately 6mm) on the shaft, allowing for a personalized fit that perfectly adapts to your leg. Plus, the Velcro strapping at the top and bottom ensures a secure, play-free fit that keeps you focused on your climb.

Enhanced Protection and Effortless Release:

The gaffs of the Distel Alu Classic Climbing Spurs are coated with a protective layer of PTFE. This advanced coating not only shields against corrosion but also facilitates a smooth and effortless release of the gaff from the tree. Bid farewell to unnecessary effort and stress, as the Distel Alu Classic Climbing Spurs make every climb more efficient and enjoyable.

2020 Pad Enhancements:

Experience superior comfort and support with the upgraded 2020 pad included with all Distel climbers. Featuring additional padding for the shin and calf, this foam plate offers 50% more coverage, encompassing almost your entire leg. The grid structure of the pad ensures an optimal fit within the shell, distributing pressure evenly for enhanced comfort. With a thickness increase of 2 cm, the 2020 pad takes your climbing experience to new heights of cushioned luxury.

Embrace Innovation and Performance:

Climbing trees demands the right tools, and the Distel Alu Classic Climbing Spurs provide the ultimate solution for professional arborists. Unlock your true potential with the latest evolution in aluminum climbers, boasting a sleek, satin matte finish and precision engineering. Equip yourself with the Distel Alu Classic Climbing Spurs and scale new heights with confidence, precision, and unmatched reliability.

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