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Adjustable Cambium Saver


  • Differently colored rings for quick rigging and removal.
  • Stiffened end prevents snagging during retrieval.
  • Certifications: EN 795 Type B, ANSI Z133.
  • Compact and lightweight at only 300g.

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Adjustable Cambium Saver: The Arborist’s Essential Tool

Precision Engineering and Design The Adjustable Cambium Saver by Edeldrid is a testament to impeccable craftsmanship in the world of tree climbing gear. Specifically developed for tree care, this equipment brings both innovation and ease to the arduous world of professional arborists. The two differently colored aluminum rings, combined with the dual-colored webbing, not only enhance visibility but also simplify the rigging and removal process from the ground.

Efficiency and Safety in Every Detail Beginning with the stiffened end, the Adjustable Cambium Saver ensures that removal is snag-free, averting unnecessary hindrances that could compromise safety. Moreover, with compact WEBLINK terminations, you can trust that your gear is securely anchored. Key specifications include:

  • Large ring diameter (inside/outside): 40/64 mm
  • Small ring diameter (inside/outside): 28/53 mm
  • Minimum breaking strength: 18 kN

Certifications You Can Trust In a profession where every piece of equipment plays a critical role in ensuring safety, certifications matter. This cambium saver proudly holds the EN 795 Type B, ANSI Z133, and CEN/TS 16415 certifications. Weighing in at a mere 300g, it’s light without compromising on strength or function. Also included is a prusik, the TIBOR 8 MM, pre-assembled to allow easy adjustments to this mobile sling anchor and directional anchor for climbing ropes.

Optimized for Your Climbing Experience While the Adjustable Cambium Saver stands out as a tool optimized for efficiency and safety, Edeldrid’s commitment to the professional arborist doesn’t end there. The inclusion of a suitable retrieval cone exemplifies a thoughtful design that makes this piece of tree climbing gear a reliable companion during your ascent.

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